5-Axis Machining Center MM5X

5-Axis Machining Center MM5X

The “old” MICROMASTER® is a true five-axis machining center with hydrostatic linear axes and the precursor of today’s compact, modular, new MICROMASTER®. The tool has already been equipped with workpiece measuring technology, a sophisticated CNC-control system with extensive positioning correction, and a dedicated interface to a CAM system. The axis motion is extremely smooth and precise and enables the manufacturing of metal optics. Due to the high stiffness of the axes even hard materials, such as molybdenum and iridium, is successful!


Typical Applications
  • Micromachining cutting process for 2D / 3D structures
  • Fabrication of freeform surfaces with nearly optical quality
  • Microlattices
  • Micromechanical components
  • Microfluidic components
  • Micromolds
  • Light transmission structures
  • Production of prototypes, Small and medium batches
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