Flycutter F500-2X

Flycutter F500-2X

The optimized Flycutter F500 is CNC-controlled, with a relatively large travel range of 500 mm suitable for the flycutting of a wide range of workpieces, a robust and reliable model with long-term stability and suitability for 24/7 series production, complying with highest standards on safety and ergonomics. The fully enclosed machine housing can be supplied with tempering. The designed principle of this compact machine uses well proven machine components and has been optimized based on long experience of Kugler in ultra-precision machining.
Among typical applications is the manufacture of ultra-precision optics, mirror finish surfaces, items in the watchmaking and jewelry industry (watch dials, arm bracelets, coins), high-precision parts for the automotive industry, high-precision housing covers, sealing surfaces and many others…


Typical Applications
  • 2D-ultraprecision machining of materials: Non-ferrous metals (Cu, Al and Cu alloys, chem. Ni), semiconductor materials (Si, Ge, etc.), polymers and plastics (e.g. PMMA, polycarbonate, acrylic glass), certain optical crystals, mirrors with Cu and Al substrates (metal optics)
  • 2D-ultraprecision machining of components: Scanner polygons, optical lattices, reflectors, light fittings, electrical contact surfaces, partial stages for wafer processing, mechanical sealing elements, elements for heat dissipation, heat sinks, precision-mechanical components, plexiglass windows for airplanes, plexiglass sections for residential use, guide elements and spindle sleeves for coordinate measuring machines
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