Kugler Micromachining and Optics - our products are used in a wide range of industries and application areas.

Gratings and structured rollers

Foils for TFT monitors, light guiding in architecture, diffractive elements for infrared radiation...inquiry


Vacuum clamping plates

Vacuum clamping plates for semi-conductor wafers (“chucks”), miniature aerostatic bearings for nanometer positioning in wafer steppers...inquiry


Laser optics and systems

Mirrors with direct water-cooling used for multi-kilowatt top-performance lasers, focusing heads, beam switches, scanner optics...inquiry


Medical technology

Precision equipment in the manufacture of endoscopes, polygon scanners in examination and treatment of eye defects with laser, and micro-focusing mirrors in laser beam guidance systems for surgeons.inquiry


Ultra-precision machine components

Ultra-precision machine components, aerostatic bearings for frictionless operation of machines in the manufacture of optics...inquiry



Aluminum lightweight optics for satellites, mirrors for observatories and telescopes, sensor components for precise navigation of spacecraft...inquiry

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