Balance Experiment Platform BEP-200

Balance Experiment Platform BEP-200

The Balance Experiment Platform BEP-200 is a multi-axis platform with aerostatic bearings for analysis of the effects of very small imbalances in the manufacturing of optical surfaces by means of diamond cutting.
The unit is completely vibration isolated with regard to the foundation and outfitted with high precision aerostatic linear and rotary bearings. The axis configuration corresponds to the current standard T-configuration which can be found very often in lathe machines.
Outfitted with the most accurate balancing systems available on the market, the machine can simulate a balance performance factor of up to G=0.04.


Typical Applications
  • Research and development for the optimization of diamond cutting processes
  • Manufacturing of optical surfaces by means of lathe turning processes
  • Optimization and development of new tools and materials by means of UP chip removal
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