Beam switches

Beam switches

Short switching times, high cycle times, robust design: Pneumatically operated beam switches SW for industrial use.

Beam switches distribute the radiation of one laser source to different machining stations or to different focusing heads of one laser tool. This enables a highly economical production with reduced idle times and short station times. Often built on steel plates, the pneumatically actuated beam switches feature short switching times of 100 - 200 milliseconds and are designed for failure-free operation with several million switching cycles, even when mounted to motion axes accelerated by several "g".
The Kugler Beam Switches SW are available in different sizes (aperture diam. 50 mm, 70 mm) and configurations (L, T, 2- or 3-fold switch). All models are pneumatically operated (electrically activated by the laser system) and can be equipped with safety switches.
Versions with one or two bend mirrors, different coatings for CO2- and NdYAG-lasers.


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