Drum Lathe TDM-2000

Drum Lathe TDM-2000

The Kugler Drum Lathe TDM-2000 is a multi-axis system with hydrostatic (oil) bearings, specially developed for ultra-precision turning of optical microstructures on rollers with the use of diamond tools. The center distance on this model amounts to 2000 mm.
Mono-crystalline diamond tools with defined geometric cutting edges produce smooth optical surfaces, or annular and helical groove structures on work pieces made of non-ferrous metal, or coated with electroless nickel.
An optional Fast Tool Servo allows for the turning of uneven structures. The system meets highest demands on roughness and geometrical accuracy (concentricity, diameter variation, cylindricity).
The TDM-2000 is characterized by a solid granite construction, vibration isolation by using a special air damping system, rotary oil bearings in headstock and tailstock, and hydrostatic mounting of the carriage assembly (Z-axis).
The axes Z and Y incorporate high-definition incremental measuring systems and special direct drives for positioning within submicrometer range. This guarantees utmost accuracy in high-precision chip removal.
A wide selection of accessory components complements the system, such as hydrostatic axes for tool rotation, Fast Tool Servo (FTS), tool setting microscopes, and optical sensors for distance and diameter measurement.


Video of Applications

Typical Applications
  • High precision machining of rollers
  • Manufacturing of annular and helical groove structures
  • Manufacturing of embossing masters for films, screens, backlighting
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