Laser beam expanders

Laser beam expanders

Kugler KST – A series of beam expanders featuring direct water-cooled copper mirrors for highest laser powers. Even with the first laser telescopes delivered by Kugler 25 years ago, astigmatism compensation has already been one of the main issues assuring diffraction limited performance. In the days of purely spherical mirrors, this had been accomplished by selecting appropriate bending angles for the mirrors, which often resulted in an output beam non-parallel to the input beam leading to the telescope.
Today input and output beam are always in parallel, as compensation is done by aspherical mirrors inside the Kugler Telescope KST. Especially our latest models KST-NT can be equipped with special mirrors to achieve virtually any beam shape desired. Of course, standard versions just enlarge a “round” beam and relocate the beam waist or control the beam diameter at the position of the focusing head.
Three nominal apertures of 35 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm can conveniently be selected for the beam expander input and output. As an example: The model KST35/50NT1.4x expands a beam 1.4 times, with an input aperture of 35 mm, and an output of 50 mm – suitable for CO2 laser beam diameters of approx. 20 mm to 25 mm.

The KST can also be equipped with mirrors for NdYAG, disk, and fiber lasers.


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