Laser coatings

Laser coatings

Functional surface coatings for laser mirrors: Increased reflection and mechanical protection.

Kugler offers for its laser optics functional surface coatings, for inspecting the polarization, increasing the reflection or simply as a protection against mechanical damage, for example when cleaning the mirror. Due to natural reasons, coatings on metal mirrors, specially for the CO2 laser range can only be produced using complex technical procedures - here Kugler cooperates with selected partners in Germany as well as internationally.
The Kugler hard gold coating is an unusual coating. Applied in a plasma-supported vacuum metallizing process, it shows a stronger hardness and consequently a very good cleaning resistance as compared with conventional vacuum gold metallization.
Besides, it can be used as a pure metallic layer for a large range of wavelengths, for NdYAG lasers as well as for CO2 lasers.

Aluminum and silver coatings for UV-VIS-NIR upon request.


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