Magnetic Test Bench MMB-7500

Magnetic Test Bench MMB-7500

The Magnetic Test Bench MMB-7500 is an ultra-precision, air-bearing granite test bench with a total traverse path of over 7.5 meters.
The process accuracy amounts to ≤ 2 micrometers over the entire traverse path for pitch and yaw errors of likewise ≤ 1 arcsec.
A further characteristic is the complete decoupling of all cables and control lines due to an additional axis, which is moved by an electronic transmission in absolute synchronization with the primary axis.
The primary scope of application for this unit is the measurement of so-called undulator segments, which are used in the construction of particle accelerators and require the highest standards with regard to accuracy of measurement.


Typical Applications
  • Measurement of undulator segments
  • Measuring machines
  • Positioning systems
  • Clean room applications
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