Precision Machines

Micro Machining Systems

The ultra-precision micro machining systems made by Kugler are top-selling products in the field of university research and science as well as in industry.inquiry


Flycutting milling centers

Kugler flycutting milling centers are high-precision, CNC controlled 2- to 4-axis milling machines, specially designed and optimized for the requirements of ultra-precision machining using air bearing spindles with flycutting disks.inquiry


Drum turning lathes TDM

The Kugler drum turning lathes TDM are precision lathes with aerostatic bearings for high-precision machining of rotation-symmetrical workpieces such as drums and rollers, mounted in a horizontal position between two bearings.inquiry


Magnetic Measurement Test Benches

Kugler Magnetic Measurement Benches MMB are extremely sturdy, state-of-the-art air-bearing linear systems.inquiry


Standard Components

Based on long-year experience, the Kugler GmbH in Salem today produces micromachining systems that range among the top worldwide.inquiry


Special Machines

Many noteworthy universities, research foundations and institutions entrust us with the manufacturing and development of new, revolutionary technologies.inquiry



Kugler Micromachining and Optics.inquiry


Ultra-Precision Machines

Based on 30 years of experience, the Kugler GmbH in Salem today produces micromachining systems that range among the top worldwide.
As one of the leading companies worldwide, we develop and produce the important core components in-house.
We only use high quality materials such as wear-free granite, stainless steel and coated components. For our clients we develop unique machining methods for highly precise workpieces. UP milling machines, micro lathes, multiprocessing machines for micromilling - drilling - grinding - wire and cavity EDM and laser marking, to µm-accuracy and extremely fast.

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