Standard Components

Standard Components

Based on long-year experience, the Kugler GmbH in Salem today produces micromachining systems that range among the top worldwide. As one of the leading companies worldwide, we develop and produce the important core components in-house. These components are used as rotary or linear axes for ultra-precision positioning, ultra-precision machining, ultra-precision measuring. We only use high quality materials such as wear-free granite, stainless steel and coated parts. Kugler ultra-precision, air-bearing linear and rotary stages guarantee a long service life and yield a high quality of the application such as ultra-precision positioning, measuring or machining.

Rotary Stages RT

The rotary stages RT are based on single-calotte aerostatic bearings: The hemispherical calotte with an accuracy in the 50 nanometer range guarantees lowest possible run-out.inquiry


Linear Stages

The linear stages type ALU-LINE and GRANU-LINE are based on an incredibly easy principle: one guidance bar, one cage.inquiry

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